Southern Charm: A Review

imageBy Lesley Rousso (@mommyrou)

Our favorite Charleston residents are back! Yep y’all Southern Charm is two episodes in already, airing Mondays at 10 on Bravo TV.  When we left the friends last season, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis were breaking up. TRav was actually sobbing by the way, and flash to the next scene, there they are with their newborn daughter Kensington. Cameran Eubanks and Craig Conover were both working for a living and Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith were hanging around buying tuxedos and being served by butlers. This season, as we come to see, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thomas and Kathryn are living way outside of town on Thomas’ plantation. It’s here, she spends most days with just the baby and a nanny.  TRav announces he’s running for office as an independent and Whitney plans on doing a commercial for him. As we see in the previews, this was not the best decision on Thomas’ part. The two are still not married, and quite honestly, it may stay that way.  They are looking for a place closer to town though and are in a monogamous relationship. Kathryn is sweet and loves that baby but she’s young and clearly has a lot to learn. Her hostessing skills seem to be a big source of talk this season.  That baby though, could be the cutest baby ever.

Cameran has gotten married to an adorable doctor. She continues to work in Real Estate, using a spare office at her mom’s building. Gotta love Cam, she’s my type of girl. She can hang with both the girls and the boys and spends a lot of time counseling these boys on their various acts of debauchery.

Speaking of debauchery, Miss Patricia, Whitney’s mom is back.  Between her butler, her travel bar, and hilarious commentary; she is easily my favorite cast member. She pulls no punches and is totally my idol.

Craig is still working (I’ll use the word working loosely here) at a law firm but refuses to take the bar exam.  I think it’s because he’s too busy drinking everything that isn’t nailed down.

Shep has actually opened a restaurant, that he calls a dive bar and has plans to move to the beach with Whitney for the summer.  People, I don’t even think we’ve scratched the surface of the debauchery. Shep’s friend Landon is also back in town, rounding out the cast.  No more Jenna I guess. Landon, has returned to Charleston, where her sisters live after her recent divorce from her husband in LA

All in all, the first two weeks did not disappoint and from the previews, things just get better. Y’all know where to find me on Monday nights, if y’all need me. Just be aware that I’ll be speaking in a southern accent.

An Open Letter to Dolce and Gabbana

imageDear Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana,

Interestingly enough, I was reading Marie Claire over the weekend and saw a pair of heels in Nina Garcia‘s spring fashion week diary that I was attracted to. They were Mary Jane style with locket heels that opened to reveal golden hearts. Do they sound familiar? I’ve never purchased anything from your brand (quite frankly your overpriced merchandise is out of my financial league, and to be honest if it wasn’t, I’d be more of a Chanel girl), but recently I’ve had some moderate success in launching a small side business, and thought, “Hmmm, maybe it’s time to treat myself to something decadently extravagant.” Well, as they say, you know, timing certainly is everything.

Sunday was an extremely busy day for me, it always is. In the morning I take my twin 4 year old boys to baseball practice, then we do snack at Starbucks, followed by weekly errands, a family dinner, and then, once those adorable and exhausting little ones are tucked into bed, I work well into the night on my side business before I get up at 6 am for my regular day-job. During the day I saw some mentions on Social Media that you had put your well heeled feet into your mouths, but did’t really have a second to investigate. Finally, in the late of night as I fell into bed, I saw a comment from one of our Co-Founders about tossing her D&G perfume in the trash. Tossing away a pricey fragrance? Now I needed to investigate. Investigate I did, and within five minutes I was outraged! I was supposed to be asleep, but instead I took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to make sure everybody that I know, and everyone they know, knows what you said.

People are saying you offended the gay community, and rightfully so, but your hurtful, hateful, and ignorant comments extend far beyond that. Your stance that children conceived via IVF are “synthetic” and “chemical” is one of the most offensive and vitriolic statements I’ve ever read. The reason it is so heinous, is because the attack is on children. Beautiful, innocent, natural children. Those two little boys sleeping as I read those statements are my miracles, the answers to prayers said and tears cried over and over and over. They are not bionic, they are not chemical, they are not synthetic in any way. They were conceived with the same ingredients ANY baby is conceived with, an egg, a sperm, and love, just maybe we took a long drive to parenthood as opposed to a fast flight.

When you take a journey, the method you take rarely matters, it’s that you’ve gotten there. Once my children were born I never saw them as anything other than children. The same goes to say for any child born by any method to anybody. Whether conceived naturally, or with assistance, whether born to a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, or adopted, a baby is a baby. A baby is the purest most natural thing on this earth, and YOU two are the ones that are contaminated.

I am glad that you have chosen not to have children. You obviously don’t have the capacity to love children and thankfully you seem to be aware of that, but please don’t ever call my children, or any child for that matter, “synthetic” again. Fashion is made of synthetics, not people. It’s too bad your hearts can’t be open like the ones on those shoes…the shoes I will not be buying!

Best Regards,

Tara Cushing

Founder/Editor in Chief


Bethenny 2.0

Bethenny Frankel Photo credit:

Bethenny Frankel
Photo credit:

By Tara Cushing (TheBravoBlonde)

“Get the chopstick out of your ass!” “I’m eating my feelings right now.” Only one person can say these things and sound entertaining, intelligent, and authentic. Yes folks, the original Skinnygirl is baa-aack, and from the previews of Real Housewives of New York City Season 7, she’s as brash and sassy as ever.

It’s been a while since I can say I’ve been excited about a new season of Housewives. What used to be a strangely entertaining spy session into the lives of a clique of women, morphed into a long hour of petty overacted, and overreacted, drama. The last couple of seasons of The Real Housewives of wherever, had become background noise that I desperately tried to stay interested in. Each hour ended with me questioning if I had undiagnosed ADD. I just could not stay focused. However, if anybody can bring me back to Housewife fandom, it surely will be Bethenny Frankel.

After a stint on daytime TV with her talk show, Bethenny, a very public divorce, and a muted presence in the public eye,we now have Bethenny the RHONY version 2.0. Though she may feel that coming back to Bravo is in someway eating her own words, from the looks of it this is right where she belongs..and they need her. Bethenny is the perfect fit for Housewives.

How is she the perfect fit? She’s a single mother with a growing company, a far cry from some of the women on the neighboring New Jersey franchise who are more traditionally suited to have such a title, but it’s the absence of this traditional Housewife definition, combined with her unique personality that make her the quintessential Real Housewife. Her life is interesting which means she has enough going on that there’s no need for her to manufacture a story to be on the show. Add to that her witty sarcasm, unapologetic neuroticism, and nitty gritty take no prisoners approach to catfighting, and you’ve got a woman who knows how to be nothing but real. This is why fans love her, it never feels like she is faking it. This is why she excels at reality tv, and was the square peg as a talk show host.

With a major return to the show that made her a household name, a new dating advice book, and two new Skinnygirl Cocktails flavors, I think the world is certainly ready for Bethenny 2.0! PS: I recently received the new Skinnygirl Pinot Noir and Spicy Lime Margarita flavors. I haven’t even drank red wine in eons due to migraines, but I bit the bullet with the Pinot Noir. I have to say, it was delicious and I fought the urge to have a second glass. The next day I was fine, no headache. Perhaps it’s the reduced sugar, but whatever it is, I’ve finally been able to enjoy red wine for the first time in ages. Just like I’ll be able to enjoy Housewives when it premieres April 7th. I’m saving my Spicy Lime Margarita for that special occasion. Check out the trailer below and tell us, are you excited for the return of the glamorous girls of the Big Apple?